Saturday, 29 August 2009

St. Martins Church and Bell Tower

On the way back from the craft fair last Saturday we had to walk through the town centre. We went past St. Martins church and it's famous bell tower. It's the one and only glass and steel bell tower in the world, and has been a local landmark for many years now.

Although Walter is a buddist; he appreciated the pretty church building and it's surrounding gardens. Most of my family have been married and christened at this church, so it's an important place to me and I'm happy Walter got to see it!

We also walked past a hand carved statue in the town square; I don't think anyone's quite sure what it's of, but it's been there for ages now so we took a pic of that too lol!
Walter's time in Basildon is coming to an end sadly; I've really grown attached to him! In his last week here I plan to take him shopping with me to the town centre and to Southend. Possibly on the train again, maybe by car lol!

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