Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Cyprus Pt 3: Tomb Of The Kings

On one of the last days of our holiday we visited the Tomb Of The Kings, in Paphos. It's a Cyprian Heritage site, with lots of unearthed tombs.

I've been here before, but this time it was sooooo hot! It kind of gave me the 'ump, as I hate the hot weather! Walter didn't like it too much either, but we got through it by taking lots of photos!

After we went to the Tombs, we went into Paphos itself and did a bit of shopping. We had some chips for our lunch; they were nice! More shopping followed, and we spent lots of time in this gift shop called 'Little Panda's'. It was brilliant in there! I bought lots of stuff, and Walter picked out some stuff to take back home to Hilary! I was given a free gift too; a lovely thermometer with dolphins on it. Later on we found out the temperature as 44!!

We went back to the villa, and had a swim. It was a nice day all-in-all, apart from the heat!

More pics to follow...

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Cyprus Pt2: Hanging Out At The Villa

The villa we were staying at was called 'Villa Christalla'. It was really nice - very spacious and clean. But noisy.

When we arrived on Tuesday evening we were welcomed by the villa's owner, who was nice, and a loud buzzing noise. We were told it was cricket type things in the trees, and because it had been raining in Cyprus this summer they were out in force. We weren't happy, but soon got used to it.

We spent several days of our week long holiday at the villa, swimming in the pool and getting a sun tan. Walter said he wasn't keen on the idea of a sun tan as it might make his colours go funny, and I wasn't keen on the idea either, so me and him used factor 50+ suntan lotion. His favourite place to sit was on a sun lounger in the shade, on the patio. Most days he had a little sleepie lol!

He even made a friend; my brother bought along Ben Wong, the plastic cow. His girlfriend had given it to him so he could take pictures of him on holiday, just like Walter! So Walter and Ben became best of friends! Together they came up with the ultimate way to cool down - sit in the fridge!

Also during the week we went to Protara, to the outlook over the abandoned city of Famagusta (which also had a little zoo!), on a boat trip to the Akamas and to the Tomb Of The Kings in Paphos. All them pics to come!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Cyprus Pt1: Flying Out

My uncle came round at 3am on Tuesday 7th July to take us to the airport, t'was an early start! Walter and I were so excited about our trip that we didn't get any sleep!

We were taken to Gatwick airport in London for our 7:25am flight to Paphos airport in Cyprus. We had no problem checking in and going through security. Walter didn't like having to go through the scanner on his own though, bless! We waited about 2 hours in departure for our plane to board, and we looked round the many shops Gatwich has. We boarded and took off on time, which is rare!

I ended up missing half of the flight as I fell asleep, but Walter was up the whole time looking out of the window! We flew over many European countries; Walter said he tried to guess which was which but there's just no way of telling from that high up!

We landed in Paphos with a bump - it wasn't the smoothest of landings! When we left the plane the heat hit us - it was so hot! We got our luggage and made our way to the hire car.

On the outside of the airport it was once again really hot, and we waited round for my Dad to get the hire car keys. There were these really great statue things outside the airport; Walter really liked them as they were all colourful, so he had his picture taken with them. He liked the little one best. We got our car and made our way to the Villa...

I have loads of pictures to share of our adventure in Cyprus, so I'm gonna split my blog entries up into several parts. More pics to follow soon!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

We're Back!

We're back from our holiday! Walter and I had a fab time in Cyprus! It was very, very hot; on Monday it was 44!!
I have loads of pictures to show, we've been very busy! I haven't sorted them out yet so I'll be back with them over the next few days :D Just wanted to say we were back ok!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Tote Bags And Birthday Cake

It's been very hot lately, so today Walter and I did some painting in the garden. I like to paint tote bags every now and again, and Walter said painting reminded him of his Mum so he wanted to help out! He picked the colours; he chose well!

Also it's my Dad's birthday today, so it was time for some more birthday cake! As you can see Walter's already eaten quite a bit!

As if it wasn't hot enough here, we are off to Cyprus next week on holiday. We've rented out a villa and it's gonna be nice and relaxing! Hilary gave Walter permission to go along and he's really excited! While we're there we're gonna be doing some traveling round the island and sightseeing, so it's a great oppertunity for some pictures!