Friday, 17 July 2009

Cyprus Pt1: Flying Out

My uncle came round at 3am on Tuesday 7th July to take us to the airport, t'was an early start! Walter and I were so excited about our trip that we didn't get any sleep!

We were taken to Gatwick airport in London for our 7:25am flight to Paphos airport in Cyprus. We had no problem checking in and going through security. Walter didn't like having to go through the scanner on his own though, bless! We waited about 2 hours in departure for our plane to board, and we looked round the many shops Gatwich has. We boarded and took off on time, which is rare!

I ended up missing half of the flight as I fell asleep, but Walter was up the whole time looking out of the window! We flew over many European countries; Walter said he tried to guess which was which but there's just no way of telling from that high up!

We landed in Paphos with a bump - it wasn't the smoothest of landings! When we left the plane the heat hit us - it was so hot! We got our luggage and made our way to the hire car.

On the outside of the airport it was once again really hot, and we waited round for my Dad to get the hire car keys. There were these really great statue things outside the airport; Walter really liked them as they were all colourful, so he had his picture taken with them. He liked the little one best. We got our car and made our way to the Villa...

I have loads of pictures to share of our adventure in Cyprus, so I'm gonna split my blog entries up into several parts. More pics to follow soon!

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