Thursday, 23 July 2009

Cyprus Pt2: Hanging Out At The Villa

The villa we were staying at was called 'Villa Christalla'. It was really nice - very spacious and clean. But noisy.

When we arrived on Tuesday evening we were welcomed by the villa's owner, who was nice, and a loud buzzing noise. We were told it was cricket type things in the trees, and because it had been raining in Cyprus this summer they were out in force. We weren't happy, but soon got used to it.

We spent several days of our week long holiday at the villa, swimming in the pool and getting a sun tan. Walter said he wasn't keen on the idea of a sun tan as it might make his colours go funny, and I wasn't keen on the idea either, so me and him used factor 50+ suntan lotion. His favourite place to sit was on a sun lounger in the shade, on the patio. Most days he had a little sleepie lol!

He even made a friend; my brother bought along Ben Wong, the plastic cow. His girlfriend had given it to him so he could take pictures of him on holiday, just like Walter! So Walter and Ben became best of friends! Together they came up with the ultimate way to cool down - sit in the fridge!

Also during the week we went to Protara, to the outlook over the abandoned city of Famagusta (which also had a little zoo!), on a boat trip to the Akamas and to the Tomb Of The Kings in Paphos. All them pics to come!

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