Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Cyprus Pt 6: Saying Bye To Friends

The day finally came for us to go home. We'd had a lovely time in Cyprus; Walter said he wanted to stay there! But I said his Mum wouldn't be very happy with me if I left him lol!

Whilst on holiday Walter had the chance to meet lots of new friends. These included the animals at Famagusta zoo, lizards at the villa, one of the noisy locus things, the fishs on the boat trip and at the chinese resturant, a massive toy monkey by the marina (I'm including a pic of him in the scrapbook!) and of course Ben Wong - my brother's toy cow! But his good friend the crocheted monkey keyring got to travel back with him in my bag, so he had some company!

We got to the airport about 2 hours before check in lol! So we did alot of sitting about. The journey was better than the one going; as we weren't sleepy and we didn't have a bumpy landing! Back in England it was, of course, rainy. After it being so hot in Cyprus it was strange coming back to rain!

So yeah, walter had a great time. He now looks forward to another trip to London, coming with me to the town shopping, visiting the glass and steel bell tower at St. Martin's church, a drive through Bas Vegas and possible going to see Russell Brand in London! He's doing some warm up shows apparently and I'm determined to get tickets lol! Keep your fingers crossed; I know I am!


  1. Wow! Walter's so lucky- it looks like Cyprus was lovely! Love that he got to see lots of animals, he loves them all!

  2. He did!! I think his fav were the little chicks at the zoo! They were so cute!