Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Cyprus Pt 4: Boat Trip

On the Saturday of our holiday, we went on a boat trip to the Akamas, which is a reigion near Polis, I believe. Our boat was called the Alkion II.

We sailed past such places as St. Georges Church - a very old church that's in the middle of no-where, no roads or anything lead up to it and it only opens it's doors once a decade; and Aphrodite's Bay. We stopped off in a shallow bay for an hour so people could go swimming. Walter and I decided against it, and just sat looking at the lovely views. And we had some crisps from the shop they had on board too lol!

The good thing about this boat was that it was a glass bottomed boat - below deck you could see everything under the water! At times you could see fishes and coral and rocks etc, but in the picture I got of it you can't see anything but water lol!

We had a lovely time on the boat; Walter and I loved the clean sea air and seeing the fishes.

That afternoon we went back to the villa and spent the afternoon by and in the pool. I got a funny picture of Walter and I in the pool, but I'm saving that for his scrapbook lol!

In the evening we went to a fab Chinese resturant called Yangtze, which was on the road between Polis and Latchi. As Walter is a herbivore, he opted for the stir fried vegtables. I had a chow mein. The nice thing about the resturant was there were these massive fish tanks all around the place with lots of fishes in them! And seen as Walter loved the fishes we saw on the boat earlier that day he asked me to take a pic of him with some of them.

Was a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

Yet more pics to follow lol!