Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Walter the dinosaur has arrived! The postman delivered him this morning. My Mum answered the door when he knocked and instantly knew it as Walter! She was just as excited as me lol!

We welcomed Walter in to the house; he was very shy to begin with and didn't want to leave his envelope. But we said he could have a bit of my Mum's birthday cake and a glass of coke and as he was mega hungry he came out!

His first day has been very calm and everything; no adventuring yet as he's still settling in. I've set this blog page up for him, and I'll keep it updated regularly :o)

At the moment he's watching me type this out; just sitting on my desk. In a little while I'm gonna introduce him to some new friends, including Xek, who is a fellow American himself. They should have something in common!


  1. aww he's so cute! - Avian Flight

  2. He is, isn't he!! I won't want to let him go in September lol!

  3. I'm sooo happy he's arrived safely!!!
    I'm still waiting for my LV Piccolo! In the meantime I'll keep watching in here!

  4. Thank you! :o) Hope Piccolo arrives soon!

  5. I'm so glad Walter's doing well! He loves cake! This is Eddie's blog!

  6. I love the blog!! And there's always plenty of cake here so Walter won't go hungry lol!