Friday, 12 June 2009

B&Q And Matalan

This evening Walter, my parents and I went out looking for holiday clothes and garden furniture. Weird combo, I know! Walter said he'd like to go along for the ride so we went.

We had to drive past Basildon Town Centre; he said he couldn't wait to visit there; especially the clothes shop Punky Fish. I've told him alot about that shop and I think he's quite eager to take a look round!

First stop was Matalan; which is a big clothes store over on an industrial estate near Pitsea. We were mainly there for my Mum to look for dresses for holiday, but Walter didn't think much of looking at dresses. We went down the socks aisle and Walter wanted his picture taken with the excellent novelty socks they had. I have a thing for novelty socks myself, so it's nice that we have that in common!

Quick stop at the supermarket Sainsburys, then on to B&Q to look for garden furniture. B&Q is a hardware store which also sells garden and household stuff. We were looking for new garden chairs as our ones broke the other day. Walter picked his favourite and said could I take a picture of him with it. So I did. At that point he said he needed the toilet, so we stopped off at the bathroom department so he could use the loo. When you've got to go, you've got to go, right?!

On the way home we passed Bas Vegas; Essex's answer to Las Vegas. Minus the casinos. I wasn't quick enough to get a picture, so I said we could stop off sometime soon.


  1. Haha he matches the rainbow socks-- that's probably why they appealed to him. He's just a little vain =]

  2. Lol! He did like the bright ones!