Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ikea And A Scarf

I know it's not scarf weather, but I thought I'd make Walter one to take back home with him! He said he wanted a blue one, so that's what I made! He said he likes it!

Yesterday we went on a shopping trip to Ikea, in Thurrock. Yes, we go on a lot of shopping trips, I know lol!

I love Ikea; I was even offered a job at this branch a couple of years back. I was gonna work in the textiles department, which suited me fine!

We had a good nose round the showrooms; Walter was fond of a few of them so I took his picture along the way. He chilled out in the living room department, went on the computer in the office department and had a tea party in the kids department! He even made some friends in the form of some fellow cuddly toys!

He even helped me pick out a new bookcase. He was very helpful! I didn't buy the bookcase there and then, I need to clear up my room first. It's a tip. Walter said he'd help me with that too, but I said he was a guest and I wouldn't make him clean my room!

On Monday we plan (again) to go to London. I'm gonna take him to The 02 Arena, Wembley Stadium and Arena and a few other places. 'Cos London's a big place, our sightseeing trip is gonna be spread over 2 days. The second day will be after our holiday, which is only 2 and a bit weeks away! Walter's excited!


  1. That scarf is soo cute! Perfect for Minnesota winters!

  2. Glad you like it!! I could make a million of them little scarfs they're really fun to make!