Monday, 8 June 2009

Instead Of London...

Seems Walter's found a nice spot in my room to sit; right up in the corner were he can keep an eye on things! I said he could sit up there if he wanted to, but to be careful as it's quite high up...

Walter and I were gonna go to London today, but it's been postponed. Instead we stayed at home, and he helped me with my latest crochet project. He was very helpful!

Later on we went on the internet and checked out Craftster. He was eager to see how everyone else was getting on on their adventures, and to see what Hilary was up to. I think he's a little home sick, bless! So to cheer him up I gave him another bit of cake. He's becoming a big fan of English cakes!


  1. Aw tell Walter I miss him too!
    But Eddie is having a blast, today was a really eventful day, I'll blog about it with everything we did!

  2. I saw your blog! Looks like he's having an excellent time!!