Thursday, 3 September 2009


On Wednesday Walter went with my Mum and I to Southend-On-Sea for the day. Southend is your typical seaside town, with amusements, souvenir shops, a big high street, beach, but this town has the longest Pier in the world too! It is over 1 mile long, and stretches out into the Thames Estuary. It's so long that there's a train that takes you to the end so you haven't got to walk! There's not much at the end of it anymore, as is was partly destroyed by a fire a few years ago. But it's being re-built now.

We went by train to Southend, like we did when we went to London. Walter's been on them C2C trains alot! A really nice bit about the journey down to Southend is that the track runs right along the sea for part of the journey, and when the tides in it's really pretty with all the little boats!

When you arrive at Southend by train the station is right on the High Street, so that's where we went first. Just your usual shops really, all the good stuff is by the seafront!

It wasn't the best of weather that day, so when we arrived by the the sea we were expecting rain any time. But it was ok for now. We walked along the front and saw Adventure Island; a big theme park type place. Both Walter and I wanted a go on the rides, but it was so packed we would've been waiting round for ages. Plus it as gonna rain.

Walter also saw the pier - he couldn't believe how long it was! It almost reaches Kent on the other side of the Estuary lol! A also showed Walter Chinnery's, which is the famous live music venue on the seafront. Alot of famous bands as well as local acts have payed here, and my brother's band plays there regularly. Along abit were the amusements; including one's called New York and Monte Carlo, which reminded Walter of home!!

We crossed the street and visited the amusements. It was great fun in there - loads of photo opportunities! Walter had a go of loads of them - including a driving game, the 2p slot machine and the one where you have to grab the toys with a big claw. I forget what they're called lol! We went to a souvenir shop next, and got some tacky stuff for Hilary. You've got to have tacky souvenirs from Southend lol!

We walked back up to the High Street and yes, once again, visited McDonalds! Walter had onion rings this time, the same as me. And an Oasis drink, we were mega thirsty after our trek along the seafront. Whilst we were in McDonalds it started raining BIG TIME, so we'd only just missed it! By the time we were ready to go it had stopped. Lucky!

On the way back to the train I stopped off at HMV for a CD. The train back was almost empty, which made a nice change from the packed carriages on the train to London.

This is likely to be our last adventure, as Walter will be going home in the next few days. I've grown really attached to him, and it'll be difficult to let him go! I'm in the middle of making his scrapbook at the moment, but my printed is playing up so the pictures are a bit blah. I will persist though!


  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! And I love cheesy souvineers =] Eddie picked out some for you at the Mall of America too!

  2. Excellent, I love them too!! :D