Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Eddie's Back!

My Mum woke me up this morning and told me there was a parcel for me - we both knew it was Eddie!

It was so great to see him again! He looks a bit different from when I last saw him - he has new yellow arms and legs which really suit him! In the box with Eddie were loads of great gifts from my swap partner, Hilary! Here's what I got...

Eddie!! He was so excited to show me all the great gifts! To the left is Eddie's cute travel companion! I named her Poppy! Also there's the amazing scrapbook, packed with pictures and accounts of his adventures!

These are the fab drawings the students at the Art Camp Eddie went to drew of him! I love these so much - so many different styles! I put this on my wall!

Here we have Minnesota soap (smells yummy!), incense sticks, a Growing Moose (it grows to 600% it's original size!!) and some Minnesota black rice - I've never seen black rice before - my Mum and I had a good look at this!

A cute little handmade keychain/keyring or pendant inspired by the famous Cherry Spoon sculpture! I love little hand made things like these! And there's also a squashed coin/token from Minnesota Zoo! I have a thing for squashed coins!

Lots of pom-poms from the art camp! They've been described to me as an Eddie Repair Kit, because of his arm and leg transplant! I can always use pom-poms, so these are perfect!

I beautiful friendship bracelet, Minnesota Bear Eggs & Bubble Gum and mints with my name on them! Lots of lovely sweeties to enjoy!!

And last but by no means least, a cute little Minnesota sticker book and Minnesota colouring/sticker book! I do like a bit of colouring in lol! How old am I?! :b

I'm so happy with all my gifts! I've truly been spoilt! Plus it's so great to have Eddie back - he's been telling me all about his time in America - I haven't been able to shut him up! He's developed a bit of a twang to his accent - I think it's cute! He's mega tired after his long journey, so I think it's an early night for him tonight and a long lay in in the morning!
I'd love to do this swap again, it's been so much fun! I only hope Walter arrives back safely, and that Hilary loves her stuff as much as I love mine!

I'll keep you posted on Walter's progress :D

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